La Era Musical Presents Peaceful Holy Night

7 February 2013

Andrés Abato presents in his radio program La Era Musical the Christmas song Peaceful Holy Night, composed and produced by José Manuel Quintana Cámara and included in the compilation album Lost Frontier Christmas Sampler 2012You can listen to or download the podcast of this edition here.

About La Era Musical

La Era Musical is a radio program focused on new age music, world music, chill out and new instrumental music. It is run by Andrés Abato and it is broadcasted every Thursday from 23:00 to 24:00 (GMT+1 time) on Radio Guadalquivir.

своими руками
"(Wonders of Earth) Me encanta. Preciosa.", ~Alfredo Moro, Spain
"As I discovered and listened to José Manuel's work, I perfectly knew that was what I was looking for. Moreover, during the preparation process of the text and video editing I was constantly listening to his composition, in loop. Somehow, 'Hope on the Horizon' wrapped my thoughts, and made me feel as if they all were part of a movie and this were its soundtrack, helping me to express myself and put my ideas in a text. It was then that I decided to contact the author to tell him about using it in my video, as a small sample of respect for his work. It was a surprise for me to see how much he seemed to enjoy everything that I tried to transmit, I am glad I could talk to him about my project deeply. In fact, I thank him not only for allowing me using his music, but also for giving me such enthusiasm and support through his messages and social networks. I certainly would not discard one day applying again for José Manuel's collaboration in other projects of this type." ~Guillermo Baños Sánchez, Belgium