Sleep Paralysis at Pictoclik Film Festival

19th July 2013

The short film Sleep Paralysis has been chosen for the Pictoclik Film Festival celebrated on July 19th to 21th in San Francisco (United States). Enrique Flores, filmmaker and director of Sleep Paralysis, talks in this video about his film and the participation at Pictoclik Film Festival.

Sleep Paralysis

Pictoclik 2013 Short Film Selections

  • “Molly” Heather Morrison | comedy
  • “Weimar Deutschland “ Allen Myers | experimental documentary
  • “The Girl in the Grass” Dave Moutray| drama/ suspense
  • “Til The End “ Richard Valencia | drama
  • “Put Away” Scott Hammel | music video
  • “A Midsummer Nightmare The Betrayal” Jeffrey Moore | drama/ suspense Locksmith –
  • “F*** Love” Pete Paduano | music video
  • “Anti Hero” Bo Campbell | comedy
  • “Candy Corpse” Marcus Bruno | comedy
  • “Cain’s Fortune” Myles Chapman | drama
  • “Tillandsias” John Lai | drama/ suspense
  • “Das Lurker” Sarah Yambao | suspense
  • “Sleep Paralysis” Enrique Flores Roldán | drama
  • “Comfort Zone” Jackie Grieff | drama
  • “Take Five” Adrian Nava | comedy
  • “Waste Land” Elysa Sardinha | experimental
  • “Girls In Town” Mark” Malek” Adam | documentary
  • “Part of Me Died When You Left” Susan Whigham | drama
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"Nice music and awaiting for more good ones in the future!", ~Karen Su, Taiwan
"Espectacular. Una vez más, nos sorprendes con tu talento, me encanta (Wonders of Earth)", ~Margarita Valderrama, Spain