J. M. Quintana Cámara becomes a member of the EPR Network

15th August 2013

Enlightened Piano Radio

J. M. Quintana Cámara has been included as a member of the Enlightened Piano Radio networkClick on the link to listen to Enlightened Piano Radio

About Englightened Piano Radio

Enlightened Piano Radio is a new internet radio station, specializing in today's best piano driven music. Music that will restore you on our busy world today.

The radio directed by Donovan Johnson has a high standard for their artist and music roster, accepting only about 25% of the artists who submit to the network. The radio station is now in the top 20 in it's genre on the Live365 network and pushing for being the number 1.

Enlightened Piano Radio plays music by a few of the well known artists such as George Winston, and Yanni, but more of the music on it's airwaves comes from lesser known, recognized artists. David Nevue, Doug Hammer and Joseph Akins to name a few. The station genre is more or less New Age, but branches out into the Contemporary and Neo-Classical categories as well. Each month the radio station chooses an artist of the month, and every year an Enlightened Piano concert is held in Omaha Nebraska, featuring Donovan and one of the station artists.


"Donovan Johnson's Enlightened Piano Radio sparkles, like morning light on still water. It's a radio treasure and a must listen for those who seek a sense of spiritual peace, who wish to return to the harbors of their drifting souls. That's because the piano, as beautifully played by the artists featured on EPR, is like no other musical instrument: it can be the sound of starlight or emote the memory of an agonizing lost love; it can project the promise of a thousand gorgeous tomorrows to come.

The solo piano offers those deep and lasting connections to ourselves. At its best, it opens internal passageways, left vacant and dusty by the tangles and diversions of an anxious life. It takes us up there and sometimes far beyond, like rides in the sky. Enlightened Piano Radio gives us the sweet gift of passage. So have a listen. Likely you'll be found, and moved.

~Timothy Cooper, New Piano Age

Enlightened Piano Artists

  • Amy Skjei
  • Attila Gibson
  • Cathy Oakes
  • Christine Brown
  • Danny Wright
  • Dave McGuirk
  • David Nevue
  • Denise Young
  • Doug Hammer
  • Eric Lebigot
  • Erik Smith
  • Gali
  • Gary Girouard
  • Greg Maroney
  • Greg Ryan
  • Heather Pierson
  • Janice Faber
  • Jeff Bjorck
  • Jennifer Thomas
  • J. M. Quintana Cámara
  • Joe Bongiorno
  • John Paris
  • Joseph Akins
  • Joeseph Noelliste
  • Kai Miano
  • Karen FitzGerald
  • Kevin Asbjornson
  • Kyle Pederson
  • Laura McMillan
  • Linda Seeley
  • Louis Colaiannia
  • Louis Landon
  • Lynn Yew Evers
  • Masako
  • Marc Enfroy
  • Mark Pinkus
  • Martin Vatter
  • Matthew Mayer
  • Rada Neal
  • Rebecca Oswald
  • Renee Michele
  • Rhonda Mackert
  • Richard Carr
  • Thad Fiscella
  • Timothy Cooper
  • Tim Neumark
  • Walid Nahas
своими руками
"No cabe duda de que todas sus composiciones me gustan porque cada una cuenta una historia diferente, eso es lo que admiro de usted como compositor, es que escucha su corazón y capta el momento de la sensación
"Es un orgullo para mí poder disfrutar de sus composiciones, arreglos y transcripciones. Es raro el dia que no visito su pagina web para ver y disfrutar de sus videos, su musica y sobre todo su interpretación. Aunque soy aficionado al piano desde hace poco mas de 1 año, con esfuerzo y la ayuda de una profesora empiezo a disfrutar de la belleza de este instrumento que me tiene totalmente entregado a el. Espero algun dia poder tener el nivel suficiente para interpretar sus bellas composiciones que a dia de hoy por mi nivel de preparación creo no poder hacerlo, pero las ganas y la dedicación me ayudaran, o eso espero. Simplemente agradecerle el placer que nos da con su musica, y por compartir su trabajo con los demás amantes de este arte y sobre todo amantes del piano. Cuanto bien nos hacen personas como Usted . Un saludo. MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS.", Francisco Verdejo, Spain