Lost Frontier presents Timeless (I)

17 June 2014

Javier Bedoya presents in his radio program Lost Frontier the album Timeless, composed and produced by José Manuel Quintana Cámara. Two tracks from Timeless are presented: The Challenge and Frenetic WorldYou can listen to or download the podcast of this edition number 787 here.

About Lost Frontier

Lost Frontier is a radio program focused on new instrumental music, the world of New Age and other contemporary music styles which are not usual in conventional radio. It is run by Javier Bedoya and it is broadcasted every Tuesday from 22:00 to 24:00 (GMT+1 time) on En el Aire radio.

своими руками
"Buenos día, pienso que todos los que le seguimos amantes y estudiantes de piano sabemos valorar su trabajo, claro que es super emocionante que lo sepan valorar quienes lo pueden promocionar al mundo. muchas felicidades", ~Maryangeles Carro Afonso, Spain
"Gracias por tua musica que me gusta mucho.", ~Cécile Maron, France