Medium-length Films

2016 - La costumbre

Short Films

2016 - La vuelta

2016 - 13 puntos

2016 - Perdido

2016 - Volver a soñar

2013 - Amias

2013 - Isonomia

2013 - La luz atrapada

2013 - Sleep Paralysis

2013 - Submerso


2017 - El silencio de la tortura

2016 - Tracks on the sand (Huellas en la arena)

2015 - Desmemoria de España

2015 - Mi valle

2014 - Galeón

2013 - Garmitxa: luchando contra lo desconocido

2013 - Los años robados de Xavi

2013 - Child Helpline International - Voices of young Europe

2012 - The third rider (El tercer jinete)

Spots & TV

2016 - Cáritas - Informes Foessa

2015 - Akrapovic Exhaust for Porsche 911 GT3

2013 - Halfway House

2013 - SfH

2012 - Acumamas. Ancient wisdom for mother of today

2012 - De ruta por TV

2012 - Kruibeke TV

своими руками
"When we ventured to make a promotional video for our wellness clinic we wanted the video to convey serenity, health and well-being, Jose Manuel Quintana Camara's music did exactly that, it brought the essence of our video together and made it complete, it helped us convey professionalism without scarifying warmth and trust. We have found Jose Manuel himself a great man to work with, he is understanding, artistic and very hard-working. We would recommend his music and his services to anyone else making a promotional video as well!" ~Estefania Orta, Medical Center Acumamas, United States
"I like this music very much. It is sweet and tender music. it is a good composer and performer! I used it in a videoclip at our local TV station in our municipality of Kruibeke in Belgium. Have a look!it is about a + 80 year old lady that is still growing strawberries. When i asked her about it, she replied that age doesn't matter as long as one feels well, an encouraging thought ! The music blends very well with these positive thoughts !" ~Johan Arnout, Kruibeke TV, Belgium