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Isonomia is the soundtrack composed and produced by José Manuel Quintana Cámara for the fashion film Isonomia, produced by the Norwegian models and filmmakers Mariel & Marita Gomsrud (For Love Productions). 

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Marita Gomsrud's comments about José Manuel's work

Original text: "" ~Marita Gomsrud, Model & Filmmaker, Norway

Short Film


Love unifies us all and does not belong to a religion or law, it is universal and belongs to mankind and equal for all.


  • Director and Writer: Mariel & Marita Gomsrud
  • Cast:
    • Luke Lovell
    • Jared Tate Johnson
    • Andrea Porter
  • Original music: J. M. Quintana Cámara
своими руками
"José Manuel is a gifted composer, his composition 'From the top of the cliff' is just an example of his great talent. Whatever is your background or circumstances, I am sure that you will relate to it in a way or another, this angelic music will carry you somewhere peaceful and happy. I invite you to listen to this magnificent work and judge yourself." ~Carol Shomali, Piano Teacher, USA
"Muchísimas gracias José Manuel, para mi el álbum Feelinks ha sido como un regalo de reyes. Escuché en una tienda de ropa una musiquita que me por un momento me trasladó a otra dimensión, me fascinó... rápidamente móvil en mano y gracias a Shazan, descubrí que era tu música. ..muy buena, felicidades", ~José Antonio Gil, Spain