Release Date

May 2013


Soundtrack Description

Submerso is the making-of of the production of a photographic series called Cotidiano Mergulhado by the Brazilian photographer Carlos Donaduzzi. Carlos has chosen Melancholic November, composed and produced by José Manuel Quintana Cámara, as the soundtrack of Submerso. 

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Carlos's comments about José Manuel's work

Original text: "'Melancholic November' es un trabajo increíble. Se adapta a la perfección al video 'Submerso'. Tiene una suavidad que contrasta con la densidad de las imágenes y traduce un poco la sensación de movimiento en el agua. Yo aprecio mucho la contribución de Quintana Cámara en mi video y sin duda recomiendo su trabajo a cualquiera que desee una gran banda sonora." ~Carlos Donaduzzi, Photographer, Brazil

Translation: "'Melancholic November' is a wonderful composition. It perfectly fits to the video 'Submerso'. The music is so light that it contrasts with the density of the images and translates the sense of movement inside the water. I really appreciate Quintana Cámara's contribution to my video and recommend with no doubts his work to anyone who wishes a great soundtrack." ~Carlos Donaduzzi, Photographer, Brazil



Submerso explores subtle scenes from everyday life. In this video, we go deep into the concepts that appear from apparently normal scenes. A fall that refers to lightness, for the light tones. However, the concept of immersion also refers to a big flood, and therefore the natural logic is destabilized. It comes to tasks that are so simple as reading or taking a coffee that become "pure", while complex when they happen in everyday life.


Edition: Carlos Donaduzzi, with the collaboration of Thomás Townsend

Model: Larissa Cardoso

Soundtrack: J. M. Quintana Cámara

своими руками
"Love it... Best piece to listen to when one needs to relax and reflect on life. Can't wait for the rest of the album" ~Jessica Twumasi, Ghana
"Jose, lo tuyo es verdadero arte!! Tu música es una fantástica aportación a la humanidad!", ~Ruth García, Spain