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своими руками
"We found 'From the Top of the Cliff' in a Creative Commons music website as we were looking for instrumental music for an experimental and risky (in production and filming timing, basically) short film. We needed music that worked out correctly in a script that revolved around drama, fantasy and oneiric. We needed it to provide some rhythm too, because our idea was that the whole short film (which lasts 3 minutes and a half) would be accompanied by music. This piece from J. M. Quintana Cámara, mixed with another one from another author, gave us the perfect combination, which helped us to reinforce our main character feelings in each moment of the story and to mark each change (as there are many temporal flashbacks and flashforwards). 'From the Top of the Cliff' has a melancholic and epic essence, which provides an aura of mystery and light at the same time, that Helena, the main character, needs to move forward in his way to freedom. We are aware that 'La Luz Atrapada' was a complicated project because of the story complexity and the limited time we had to explain it. For this reason choosing a good music was key and we want to thank J. M. Quintana Cámara for giving his music up to our humble project, and we will be pleased to count on his work in the future, because everything he creates is a masterpiece." ~Ariadna Vidal, Filmmaker, Spain
"No puedo con la cancion "The Challenge" del album "Timeless" de @czsu4d5ofbu6camara MUY GRANDE! :_)", ~Noelia Valderrama, Spain